Blush and Grey

A beautiful couple, Nina and Jon from the States, wanted to join their lives in a ceremony taking part in front of the Aegean blue. As such, we used sea elements such as sea wood and combined those with the smoothness of blush and grey, in order to create a warm, romantic atmosphere. Meanwhile, we placed candles in high glass vases and dressed the surfaces around the venue’s entrance with lush, quality drapery. The candy bar was a big hit with the guests who happily showed their appreciation during the event. Greek traditional sweets such as diples, kourampiedes and loukoumia sat right next to typically American mini cupcakes, cake pops and heart-shaped biscuits. Bearing in mind that a night full of people and dancing can get a bit tiring, we transformed the beach next to the wedding venue into a relaxing corner. In order to do that, we lit it up with small, subtle lanterns and placed colourful Moroccan couches, aiming at those wanting a break from the wedding’s hustle and bustle.