Olive wedding

Lots of times a clue hiding in plain sight is what gives a unique edge to a wedding ceremony, making it unforgettable. A young couple from the States, Dimitris and Panayiota decided to focus on an elegant and uniquely Greek symbol, in order to give that edge to their wedding. This was no other than the earthily beautiful and perennial olive tree. The bride appeared in the horizon of the Athens Riviera aboard a traditional fishing boat, while the groom was impatiently waiting by the sea shore, eager to welcome her with a lush white rose bouquet, adorned with olive leaves. The wedding ceremony took part in front of an elegant arch, draped in white fabric, white roses, olive branches and hanging celosia, whilst the same motif was applied to the wedding table décor. The wishing table was bustling with treats and koufeta, while the couple’s initials glowed on the lawn, lighting up the night.