Traditional Vintage Wedding

Sometimes there is no other inspiration needed other than the couple’s roots in order to create a unique wedding concept. In this case, the groom’s Cretan heritage gave us all the inspiration we could use, helping us create the perfect backdrop to a traditional, Cretan wedding.
This was the main reason we followed the local traditions to the letter. The groom greeted the guests wholeheartedly, burlap sack in hand, accepting their donations to the wedding as custom has it. In the meantime, the cheerful notes of laouto, Cretan lyra and bouzouki filled the wedding venue. The traditional concept we opted for was a perfect match to the environment. Local flowers were matched with roses, peonias, astilbe and eustoma while mason jars, burlap patches and lace doilies outlined the traditional character of the décor. Larger decorative objects such as wine barrels and wooden carts gave a rustic note, complementing the composition. An elegant garland made with lace and burlap tied up the decorative concept nicely, making for a stylistically solid result.
The food could not stray far from the traditional route, so it was also based on the hearty and rich Cretan cuisine. Kaltsounia, dakos salad, antikristo lamb and other succulent local delicacies were combined with the exceptional local wine and traditional music, giving the guests and family all the more reason to stay up celebrating. And celebrate they did, as the smiles on their faces and dancing antics can prove. In all, this was an occasion worth cherishing for a long time to come.